In his own words:

“I must preface my comments with a confession, I much prefer for my work to speak for itself. I find it hard to stand outside and look back at my work, much less comment on it. Nonetheless, here goes…

My work is characterised by strong, bold lines and shapes. I love classical proportions and purity of form,which continues to lead me on a relentless pursuit of perfection. There is a strong sculptural element in a lot of my work and I often layer the work with surface decoration, using methods that I have developed over the years.

There is tension in my work, either resolved or left tantalisingly open. A example might be a classical vase with strong sharp lines and almost industrial colouring interrupted by a bold, bright organic slash, or a finely finished parabolic form with a cracked and broken lip, jagged shards decorating the surface. The ephemeral fragility of glass contrasted with the machine like hardness of steel. Tall conical forms leaning perilously, gourd shaped pieces with very long fine necks emerging from a compact, solid base”.