Description: Blown Glass with silver reduction surface, sand-carved, Bronze.

Size: H330mm D 360mm W 320mm


Robert Wynne - Phoenix

Description: water jet and CNC machined plate glass with photographic imagery.

Size: H 204cm

Gold Murrini Bowl

Robert Wynne - Gold Murrini

Description: blown, iridised, cold worked.

Size: H 16cm

Woven Light

Robert Wynne - Woven Light

Description: blown, iridised, cold worked.

Size: H 29cm (largest)

Flux III

Robert Wynne - Flux III

Description: blown, iridised, cold worked.

Size: H 33cm (largest)


Still Life

Robert Wynne - Still Life

Description: blown, hot worked, iridised, cold worked.

Size: H 36cm (Tallest)


Robert Wynne - Lotus

Description: blown glass, cold worked, steel base, internal LED light source.

Size: H 97cm


Robert Wynne - Wattle

Description: blown, iridised, cold worked.

Size: H 31cm

Magpie’s Hoard

Magpie’s Hoard

Robert Wynne - Magpie

Raven’s Clutch

Robert Wynne - Magpie Green

Color: Red and Green

Description: blown and float glass, bronze, steel, internal LED light source.


Green – H 112cm D 23cm W 64cm LED light source.

Red – H 110cm  D 23cm  W 65cm LED light source.


Robert Wynne - Trove

Description: Blown glass, mild and stainless steel, bronze, LED light source.

Dimension: H 48cm W 30cm D 24.5cm.